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The BlackOUT Block Party. 2024

The Block party is an Atlanta pride festival aimed to celebrate black and queer art, music, and food all while supporting local businesses and charities! 

Event Schedule

4th Annual CabarGay + After Party

September 2nd & 3rd 2021

The BlackOUT Cabaret is a company staple! It is freedom of expression, sexual liberation, and finding humor in the things we fear. 
This year we are focusing on the specific brand of joy being a black, queer artist brings to the stage!

Block Party 

Saturday, September 4th (Day)

"The South Got Something to Say"

We are looking for black, poc, and queer artists and DJs to set our concert off!

Drive-in Film Festival + Date Night

Saturday, September 4th


It's the perfect date night! If you don't have one, you'll meet someone at our speed dating section.. We are currently accepting short films that center black and queer lives. 

Self Care Sunday 

    Sept. 5th

The final event of the weekend is close to our hearts. We face many mental health issues as a community and want to hold space for others to relax and find community. We are providing  free games, entertainment, food, and workshops to everyone. We especially want people that are homeless to feel welcome and gain resources and aid, without feeling "bothered". We are currently accepting vendors and workshop proposals! 

Looking to  Sponsor an Event? 

Image by Jakayla Toney

No gift is too small!

What are we looking for?

Atlanta, just like other cities, is in a state of emergency with homelessness. We want to do our part, and we need you to do that! We are planning to partner with and support many charities including: Lost-N-Found Youth, TRANScending Barriers, Sol Underground, and women's and children's shelters. 

Other ways to Support!

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Lend a Hand

Volunteering with BlackOUT

doesn't feel like a job!

We have many fun events to help with, as well as ground work that makes you feel good at the end of the day!


Supply essentials

Donate clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies, luggage, sanitary items, health products, and more. Not only do we feed our volunteers and staff, but we also feed our community!
Consider donating bottled water and food.

Colored Space

Provide a space

Help us host our events by donating equipment and/or a space! Parking Lots, Green Space, Stages, Event Halls, etc.
You name it, we can use it!


Sign up to be a vendor!

Truck Eats

Be a part of just one event, or more! We want to spread the love- and sales! Booth fee of only $50 for each night or $150 for all events. Concert booth fee is $100 (unless included in all events package. Self Care Sunday has $0 booth fee and 15% profit share.

if your company is giving away product for free, there is no booth fee nor profit share.


BlackOUT takes 25% of final profit for charitable donation.

Sign up now!

Still Have Questions?

Check out The Block Party Logistics or email us at to find out more! 
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