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Lil baby - Lil Izzy Fashoo
Belive Me - Lil Izzy Fashoo
Chill. the Series | S1 E1 "Chill Girl Summer" | LGBTQ Series

Chill. the Series | S1 E1 "Chill Girl Summer" | LGBTQ Series

SEASON 2 IS COMING SOON! PLEASE DONATE AND SHARE THIS LINK!!! Chill. the Series | Episode 1 "Chill Girl Summer" | LGBTQ Series After a long celibacy cleanse, Alex dives into her chill girl summer head first- literally! Alex and her girls, AJ, Brittney, and Mariah, make a bet to see who can get a date to the club first. While the other girls swipe right on tinder, Alex sends that risky text to her risky ex... Created | Written | Casted | Directed | Edited by Xandria. @akaxandy Produced by The BlackOUT Company @chill.theseries @theblackoutcompany Technical Director | Executive Producer Whitney LaRose @whitneylarose Director of Photography | Cinematographer Art Never Dies @art_never_dies_ Camera 2 Caleb Wyatt UX Design Whitney LaRose Special Thanks to: Kei Moore, Yanna Casey, Lex CAST Xandria. | "Alex" Charity C. Irby | “Mariah” Zuri Petteway | “Brittney” Kiera Monae | “AJ “ Kae Hutto | “Rosé” Saiel Solehman | “Tae ‘Art Bae’ ” Marquies Wilson | “Nick” Autumn Dawn | “Paris” Julian Austin | “That Nigga Charles” MUSIC CHILL. THEME SONG Xandria. | Ayo.Kek MIDNITE. Xandria. | Ashton McCreight | Mixed by 3J ETHEREAL (instrumental) Xandria. | Ashton McCreight REBORN Tiger Goods | Wolfgang Pander | Most Improved Award | Mixed by YMI Heartless QUEST Kaviar Sundays | BeatMakerz Squad | Mixed by 1stLoveMusic Want more content from us?! cashapp/venmo: $bocompany
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