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The BlackOUT Company Presents: Hamilton Unplugged

A Fundraiser to Support Black and Queer Artists
The BlackOUT Company Presents Hamilton Unplugged

The BlackOUT Company Presents Hamilton Unplugged

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Meet the Cast

Kelsey Alexandria


Director | Artist

Kelsey Alexandria- ‘xandria.’ if you’re artsy, is a native east Atlanta Santa here to uplift everything black and queer through art, education, and activism. Some of her favorite acting highlights include thee Roxie Hart, Cassandra, and Alex in the upcoming BlackOUT series Chill. Just a few directing highlights are Mulan, An Octoroon, STOP KISS- and Hamilton Unplugged of course!

Whitney Nelson


Technical Director

Whitney is the Founder and Visionary Director of Illum Visions. Whitney has lent her digital genius to many BlackOUT projects including Cabaret, Chill., our website, and everyone’s favorite The BlackOUT Block Party! We are so excited to partner with Whitney and Illum again! 

Maekaylia Daeyon

IMG-1982 (2).jpg


She is a student at Georgia State University studying Political Science with a double minor in Spanish and Psychology. Over the years she has picked up hobbies of writing poetry, singing, and also being a photographer. Her passion in life is meeting new people and collaborating on how we can all contribute to the betterment of the world. After college she plans to use her love for media and her dedication to protecting human rights to join the work of many NGO’s and nonprofits with a focus on peacebuilding and human rights advocacy.


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